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Three Aspects of Savasana

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Final Relaxation and Integration after yoga 

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Many of us are looking forward to the relaxing pose after the Yoga practice: Savasana.

BODY: Once the practice is complete the body is alined in a pose that allows for softening and relaxation. Savasana typically is done laying on the back, the legs hip width apart, feet relaxing outward, the arms, beside the body, rolled outward and the hands relaxed, palms open upward, the scull securely rested, chin lightly to the chest and the neck naturally curved. To support the relaxation the instructor could guide the students through a body scan from the feet to the crown of the head, which aids to keep the mind on the subtle sensations in the body during this time, which also serves the integration of the practice.

BREATH: Balancing any oxygen depletion that might be caused by a vigorous practice and to supply the body with ample oxygen is an essential part of the experienced wellbeing after practice. To encourage  the student to breath conscious, deep, natural breaths ensures a satisfying experience. 

MIND: The calm, alert mental state, that is essential for savasana, is easily missed, when the students get distracted by day-to-day concerns or tempted to drift into daydreaming. The teacher therefore can give few, effective instructions, to observe the flow of the thoughts without clinging to any topic and replace the focus on the breath as the single object of attention as patiently and often as possible.

Summer 2021 NEWSLETTER

This summer is as special again, as our entire life is special, when we take the time to look closely, maybe with appreciation and gratefulness. Viruses all around us or not.

Traveling will be rather near than far and can be just as exciting.

Take time to tend to yourself through YOGA, meditation, reflection and NATURE experience.


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