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Family + Systemic Constellations

„ It is never to late to have a happy life.“

Happiness, health and well being is something we all wish for and find or substitute it, until only those of us, who can’t bear the consequences of loss, neglect and abuse are seeking help; benefitting all of us.

“All of us are better, when we are loved.”

(Alistair MacLeod)


In the 1970ies Bert Hellinger developed the method now used as “family and systemic constellations” by discovering and working with what he called “orders of love.”

Very much the constellation work relies on a so called “knowing field” and solutions, that are revealed in a “phenomenological” process.

So called strangers volunteer as representatives for family members and can give, within the knowing field, an astonishing mirroring, of  what is or was going on in a family system.

Hidden dynamics come to light, healing movements can occur and the once blocked or blind love can than flow freely again. Opening doors for a more satisfying or meaningful life for all involved.

As it is much more convincing to invite you to a wine tasting evening, than to lecture you about how wine is made, where the origins are and how it unfolds in the consumer;

Family Constellation is understood by experience through the heart and the soul, rather than the mind. It might take a little trust to experience the constellation work and the flow of  energy, but the experience alters the inner picture of one’s place in the family and from there within life itself.

Link to the official, english Hellinger Website:

Link to YouTube with Bert Hellinger:

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