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seasonal YOGA schedule

Yoga weekly in Studio setting, online per Zoom or one-on-one in studio

Learn about effective movements, breathing techniques, and basic meditation

YOGA & Meditation


At Halima we focus on strengthening, restorative, and balancing yoga poses to achieve harmony &peace of mind. Yoga movements are linked, with breathing, followed be deep relaxation and a brief, guided meditation.

During the program you will learn:

  • Hatha Yoga Asana

  • Effective breathing

  • Deep relaxation

  • Guided meditation

Please inquire about recent workshop dates. Book private session: 902 759-7467

Yoga Class

Yoga styles and specialty classes

GENTLE YOGA classes are a very slow adaption of the Hatha Vinyasa yoga style, where many adaptions and modifications are given. Every - body can practice and enjoy yoga,  to experience the many benefits yoga has on the health of the body, mind and soul.

VINYASA YOGA is a flow of yoga movements in between the various postures like standing postures, balancing poses or stretches. Each movement comes with a specific breath cue.

CHAKRA YOGA refers to the body's innate energy centres and certain yoga poses are practiced, in order to stimulate a certain area in the body with a specific vortex of energy, the chakra.

PRE--& POST-NATAL YOGA gives expecting mothers modifications of the regular yoga poses, specific to each of the 3 trimesters. Focusing on breathing and relaxation in the first 3 months, aiming for flexibility, and strength during the 2. trimester and meditation and positive affirmations and gentle stretching in the 3. trimester. During the post natal Yoga mothers practice to rebuild strength and flexibility after labor and delivery. 


About Yoga

The same pose about 10 years later.

Start where you are.

Consider you don't have to be good at YOGA , but YOGA is simply good for you. It is more about how you feel, than how you look.

Start where you are. Yoga truly is for every- body. 


Beach Deck
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Summer 2021
one week 
July26 - 30

Restore, Renew, Reflect, Relax

This summer you might want to deepen your YOGA experience and initiate the changes you are longing for, since a while.

Every day we will practice YOGA together during lunch time and every evening we will get together to practice breathing techniques, set goals, speak from the heart and meditate guided and silent.

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